Tuina Massage by Registered Acupuncturist

The principle behind Shiatsu/Tuina is related to the energy flow, known as Ki or Qi (pronounced chee), that flows through your body. According to Tuina therapists, disruption to this energy flow can cause illness and disease. Tuina massages are said to promote healing conditions like sciatica, sprains, joint problems, anxiety, insomnia, headache, menstrual problems, poor posture, bronchitis, sinus problems, and acute/chronic pain in the neck and back.

In addition, Tuina/Shiatsu is also said to increase energy, promote recovery from injuries, and stimulate the digestive system.

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  • Tuina Massage
  • 15 Min $50
  • 30 Min $80
  • 45 Min $95
  • 60 Min $115
  • 75 Min $140
  • 90 Min $165
  • 120 Min $240

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