Myofascial & Soft Tissue Manipulation in Toronto & North York

Our Osteopaths use soft tissue manipulation in many different ways. In general, they use it to evaluate the condition of tissues and to help the body’s fluids (such as blood and lymphatic fluid) flow smoothly. Keeping fluids flowing smoothly reduces harmful fluid retention and makes the body’s immune system more effective. Throughout the treatment, our Osteopaths keep checking on the state of the body’s tissues. If one technique isn’t working to correct a restriction, they use another approach instead. Above all, our Osteopaths try to restore health without over-treating.

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  • Initial Osteopathic Assessment
  • 60 Min $155
  • Osteopathic Follow-Up
  • 45 Min $135
  • 60 Min $155
  • Complimentary Osteopath Consultation
  • 15 Min Free
Many insurance companies allow direct billing for Osteopathy. A receipt will be provided for you to claim with your insurance provider, please confirm with your insurance provider for coverage information.

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